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New Website!

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Head over to our new website and sign up for the 2015 Average Joe’s Comp.


Event Workouts

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WOD #1

1  Minute to find Max Reps of “Ground to Shoulder” (power clean)dl avg joe

105 lbs for men
65 lbs for women

1 Min Rest


~Deadlift 105lbs/65lbs
~Sandbag Drag
~Shuttle Run




WOD #2

2 Minute Skill Test of:

~Sandbag Shuttle Run
~Max Distance Sandbag Throw – you will get 2 attempts to get the most distance.

1 Minute Rest

7 Minute AMRAP

~10 Axle Thrusters 65lbs/45lbs
~5 Sandbag Burpee to Shoulder
~1 Sandbag Shuttle Run

Event Format

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We will be doing this event a little differently then most competitions.

All men will be competing in the morning from 8:30am – 11:30pm.  Then the women will come in and they will compete from 12:30 – 3:30pm.  The men’s podium will be done before we transition over to the women’s heats.

We want to give all the athletes friends and family a change to watch all the heats without waiting around all day to see a 5 min workout!

We hope you like the new format! Stay tuned for a WOD announcement soon


Competition Event Details

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avg joe pict

We are excited to announce the Average Joe’s Competition, an addition to our Deuces Wild and Masters Madness competitions.   This competition will be individual men and women, and we will ONLY have one competition category, Open!

Open category requirements will be based off the CrossFit Open placement. YOUR SCORES FOR OPEN 14.1 AND 14.2 MAY NOT BE IN THE TOP 200 IN THE NOR CAL REGION!  Registration will be based off the honor system mostly, so please do you best in the Open! If you do not want to participate in the CrossFit Open, but sign up for the competition, that is allowed (but we think you should do the Open too!).

Registration will be limited to 100 men and 100 women.


Cost Per Individual:  $99.00

Date: April 12th, 2014


Note: these are only minimum recommended physical standards.  THEY ARE NOT THE MOVEMENTS & LOADS THAT ARE IN THE EVENT!  If you can do ONE of all these things, you should have no problem completing the workouts in this event.  We will have time caps, of course, so meeting these standards does not guarantee that you’ll be able to complete all movements or workouts that you will face.

Here is a list of movements that might be in the competition:


  • Clean & Jerk 155lbs
  • Thruster 95lbs
  • Deadlift 275lbs
  • Snatch 95lbs
  • Double Under
  • Kipping Pull up
  • Run
  • 24 in Box Jump


  • Clean & Jerk 95lbs
  • Thruster 63lbs
  • Deadlift 205lbs
  • Snatch 63lbs
  • Kipping Pull up
  • Double Under
  • Run
  • 20 in Box Jump


We need your help!!

CF Open Certified judges or experienced competition judges!!! Each judge will receive a judge T-Shirt and a catered meal.  Volunteers will receive a meal and also pick up some nice schwagg!  Please visit the Judge & Volunteer pages to register.

Calling All Average Joes

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Diablo Fitness Engineering is excited to present The Average Joe’s Competition!  We have had many requests and inquires about all the “average” people in the CrossFit world who love participating in classes and the CF Open but would never enter a competition due to the very competitive athletes that attend the “regular” CF Comp circuit.

So we are happy to support all you with the competition bug and help you become “the best of the rest”

Stay tuned for more details, workouts, and fun!